Texas 1989

Tornado in Hodges, Texas in 1989

This very picturesque tornado touched down outside of Hodges, Texas on May 13, 1989. The video is in slow motion.

Texas Tornado 1992

On March 29, 1992 a Funnel Cloud Appears Over San Antonio

This funnel cloud was shot in San Antonio, Texas in 1992, and at other points not videotaped, it had made contact with the ground. This qualifies this twister as an F0 on the Fujita Scale. Luckily there was no major damage done during these storms.

Texas Tornado 1995

F4 Tornado Hits Pampa, Texas on June 8, 1995

Almost $30 million worth of damage was done to the industrial section of Pampa, Texas on June 8, 1995. After a path of 3 miles and a track almost 200 yards wide, this tornado became the costliest tornado this town has seen. This tornado was rated an F4 on the Fujita scale.

Texas Tornado 1970

Tornado in Lubbock, Texas, in May, 1970

In May, 1970 a tornado hit Lubbock, Texas, causing almost $500 million in damage, injuring 500 people, and killing 26. Ever since this and many other devastating tornadoes, much research has been conducted at places like the Texas Tech Wind Science and Engineering Research Center. Thanks to the commitment of these engineers, one day we […]

Texas Tornado 2010

October 24, 2010 Tornado Hits Rice, Texas

Caught in the middle of the storm in his vehicle, Navarro County Emergency Management Coordinator Eric Meyers pointed his camera phone out the window and captured amazing footage as the twister touched down in the town of Rice. The elementary school and high school in that town were both badly damaged along with several homes. […]

Texas 1972 Tornado

F3 Tornado Howls into Dallas, Texas on April 2, 1957

This F3 tornado was apart of a large storm that covered the States from Texas to Tennessee. The storm had a total of 50 confirmed tornadoes that touched down. Overall 19 people were killed in this storm… ten of those happened in Dallas. Dallas also had roughly 600 homes demolished by the F3’s powerful gusts […]

Texas 2005 Tornado

June 12, 2005 Large Tornado in Western Texas

An incredibly violent mesocyclone produces multiple tornadoes, including a classic large, white “cone”, in Kent County, Texas on June 12, 2005. The motion in the mesocyclone towards the end of the clip is unbelievable!

Texas 2003 Tornado

Multi-Vortex Monster Outside Stratford, Texas on May 15, 2003

This is a video of a tornado in Texas 2003. In the beginning you can see multiple tornadoes. This tornado is massive but luckily minds its own business and stays out of any towns or farms.

Nebraska 2007 Tornado

March 28, 2007 Storm Spawns over 80 Tornadoes

A slow-moving system developed across the High Plains on the dry line on March 28. There were over 80 tornadoes were reported in the region, everywhere from Nebraska to Texas, with several destructive and large tornadoes taking place in numerous communities across the region. Many other severe weather reports came in, including hail as large […]

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