Tornado Videos Oklahoma November 7 2011

Multiple Tornadoes Land in Oklahoma on November 7, 2011

On November 7, 2011, Multiple Tornadoes landed in Oklahoma. These tornado landed in and around Southwest cities of Oklahoma like Tipton & Snyder. Check out the footage we found on youtube. Below are Three videos that was chased by Chad Cowan of Extreme Tornado Tours at Here is a video Provided by liljiggy20 from […]

Oklahoma Tornado 2011

EF3 Tornado in Tushka, Oklahoma on April 14, 2011

This tornado ripped through the town of Tushka, Oklahoma on April 14, destroying hundreds of homes. This twister also tore apart 5 seperate school buildings affecting all grades of schooling rendering the school useless until the next year. During this storm there were two people killed and around 25 people injured. The twister reached speeds […]

Oklahoma Tornado 1999

F5 Tornado Hits Oklahoma on May 3, 1999

The 1999 tornado outbreak that occurred on May 3rd in Oklahoma and Kansas, was one of the largest outbreaks to occur in the US history. This storm had a total of 66 confirmed tornadoes that touched down in these states. The cities involved included Moore, Oklahoma City, and Bridge Creek (among others). The damage that […]

First American Filmed Tornado

First Filmed American Tornado

This is the first tornado in America to have been filmed, and probably the second of all time. This all happened in Corn, Oklahoma on June 8, 1951. There were two tornadoes around Corn that day, one of which was anti-cyclonic. These tornadoes destroyed the South side of Corn, and one man was killed by […]

The First Tornado Ever Filmed

Contrary to popular belief, the Corn, Oklahoma tornado in 1951 is not the first tornado caught on film. The first tornado filmed happened in Cuba, 1933. The small vortex took form as a tornado and a waterspout. If you are having problems viewing this video, Please check out the video on YouTube.

Oklahoma 2001 Tornado

Amazing Tornado by Springer, Oklahoma in 2001

On May 6, 2001 there was a large storm moving in over Springer, Oklahoma. This storm led to a few different funnel clouds, while this is one of the few that actually touch the ground. This clip has a great contrast to the tornado and actually captures it as it dissipates.

Oklahoma 2010 Tornado

Hammon, Oklahoma’s Hit by Twister on March 8, 2010

This twister was seen and tracked on the ground for a little over half an hour outside Hammon, Oklahoma. This is the dash cam of two stormchasers as they follow the tornado on March 8, 2010.

2010 New Years Tornado

New Years Eve 2010 Series of Tornadoes hits Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas

This new year was brought upon with a storm that developed into a series of tornado all over the midwest. There were tornadoes spotted from Goodnight, Texas, to Lakin, Kansas. They had a variety of classifications and most damage was done to non populated areas. Overall there were 4 casualties after the storm.