Tornado outbreak Nebraska June 20 2011

Tornado Outbreaks Throughout Nebraska on June 20, 2011

On June 20, 2011, Five Tornadoes touchdown in & around Pleasanton, Nebraska. Several Farms, Houses, & People where injured. Below are footage of different Storm Chasers Videos of these violent twisters. There has been a reported of 40 Tornadoes outbreaks throughout the Midwest United States today. This video is copyrighted to Dustin Wilcox of Severe […]

Nebraska 2000 Tornado

F3 Tornado on May 17, 2000 in Brady, Nebraska

This was an F3 tornado that ran across the Brady, Maxwell area in 2000. This tornado was unique because it ran Northwest, while most tornadoes ran in a more eastern direction. This particular storm generated 27 other tornadoes this night.

Nebraska 2007 Tornado

March 28, 2007 Storm Spawns over 80 Tornadoes

A slow-moving system developed across the High Plains on the dry line on March 28. There were over 80 tornadoes were reported in the region, everywhere from Nebraska to Texas, with several destructive and large tornadoes taking place in numerous communities across the region. Many other severe weather reports came in, including hail as large […]

Nebraska 2009 Tornado

EF2 Tornado outside Aurora, Nebraska on June 17, 2009

There was a series of tornadoes outside of Aurora, Nebraska on June 17. One of which was headed straight for the town. There were no casualties but the tornado had ripped off a few roofs and uprooted a few trees. Though it dissipated after 5 miles on the ground.