Kansas 1966 Tornado

F5 Tornado in Topeka, Kansas in June, 1966

On the Southwest side of Topeka, Kansas there is a small landmark known as Burnetts Mound which, according to local legend, is supposed to protect the town from tornadoes. Ironically, on June 8, 1966, an F5 tornado passed directly over this mound and headed straight for Topeka. After the monster had passed over the cities […]

Kansas 1990 Tornado

Supercell Storm Spawns Two F5 Tornadoes in Kansas in 1990

There was a large outbreak of tornados in March 1990 which spawned multiple tornadoes that touched ground including two F5 tornadoes. The first tornado went straight through Hesston, Kansas destroying many homes and businesses but only killing one person. This same family of storms created another F5 Tornado that hit Goessel, Kansas, where more homes […]

Kansas 1991 Tornado

F5 Tornado in Andover Kansas on April 26, 1991

This F5 Tornado is a very notorious and highly studied specimen. The Andover Tornado’s first hit was the McConnel Air Force Base in Kansas. When it hit the base it had wind speeds of an F2 or F3 classification, and still caused 62 million dollars in damage. Luckily they had sufficient warnings and nobody was […]

Kansas 2007 Tornado

EF5 Tornado in Greensburg, Kansas on May 4, 2007

This tornado was a category EF5, the highest possible ranking. It destroyed 95% of the community of Greensburg, Kansas. This tornado reached 1.7 miles wide and had wind speeds of over 203 mph. In the end this tornado outbreak killed 20 people.

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