Kansas Tornado 2003

Tornado Forms in Lawrence, Kansas on May 8, 2003

Tornado forms directly in front of the camera in May 2003. Its not a very long-lived tornado but it still threw some stuff around, and scared a few people.

Kansas Tornado 1995

F0 Tornado Touches Down Outside Jetmore, Kansas on May 6, 1995

During the May tornado outbreak (which produced 278 confirmed tornadoes between May 6 and May 19, 1995) a tornado touched down outside of Jetmore, Kansas on May 6, 1995. This tornado, though only an F0 on the Fujita Scale, had a path of 1.5 miles. Luckily, no severe damage was caused by this particular twister.

Kansas Tornado 1999

Tornado Outside Sitka, Kansas on March 31, 1999

This tornado is a very picturesque tornado, and seemed to keep out of any towns. Though it looks like it could do some damage, it was an individual and stuck to tearing up trees and destroying ground in a field outside of Sitka, Kansas. Which is just perfect for storm chasers.

Kansas 2004 Tornado

Attica, Kansas Storm Spawns 11 Tornadoes in 2004

It was May 12, 2004 whenever the storm hit. It stretched all across South Central Kansas and 11 confirmed tornadoes were witnessed. The worst of which was an F4 tornado, which was the only tornado to do any lasting damage. This twister took a home completely off its foundation, and filled the basement from refrigerators, […]

Tornadoes Appear in Trego County Kansas on April 10,2005

There were multiple tornadoes on this evening but most of them kept to themselves. Out in the fields in Trego County, Kansas, stormchasers caught video of this small tornado.

Kansas 2004 Tornado

May 29, 2004 Memorial Day Weekend Tornado Outbreak

This tornado outbreak began on May 29, 2004 and lasted 32 hours. During that time it had 149 confirmed tornadoes. This is the second largest tornado outbreak in U.S. history. Five people were killed during this storm.

Oklahoma 2008 Tornado

NE Oklahoma Storm Spawns 50 Tornadoes on May 1, 2008

This tornado had 50 other tornadoes just like it in the storm on May 1, 2008. One of which passed through Kansas City, Kansas and a few more in Iowa, Arkansas, and Louisiana. There were 6 fatalities after these storms and wind speeds up to 90 mph.

Kansas 2009 Tornado

Tornado near Hutchinson, Kansas on March 7, 2009

On March 7 and 8, 2009 there was a tornado outbreak across the midwest. There were 19 confirmed tornadoes, with a range of classifications, the strongest being EF3. The tornado captured here is in Kansas near Hutchinson.

2010 New Years Tornado

New Years Eve 2010 Series of Tornadoes hits Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas

This new year was brought upon with a storm that developed into a series of tornado all over the midwest. There were tornadoes spotted from Goodnight, Texas, to Lakin, Kansas. They had a variety of classifications and most damage was done to non populated areas. Overall there were 4 casualties after the storm.

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