Winterset, Iowa Tornado 2011

EF2 Tornado Outside Winterset, Iowa on March 22, 2011

This tornado spawned in NE Nebraska and had a track length of almost 11 miles. This wedge tornado uprooted the foundation to a few houses once it had reached Iowa. This EF2 tornado though mainly stuck to open country.

Iowa Tornado 1998

F3 Tornado Outside Lone Tree, Iowa on May 15, 1998

This tornadoes path started just outside of Lone Tree, Iowa on May 15, 1998. It quickly grew to the ranks of an F3 tornado, passed Lone Tree, and kept heading Northeast. This tornado didn’t cause any major damage nor did it cause any casualties.

Oklahoma 2008 Tornado

NE Oklahoma Storm Spawns 50 Tornadoes on May 1, 2008

This tornado had 50 other tornadoes just like it in the storm on May 1, 2008. One of which passed through Kansas City, Kansas and a few more in Iowa, Arkansas, and Louisiana. There were 6 fatalities after these storms and wind speeds up to 90 mph.

Iowa 1976 Tornado

Jordan, Iowa and Lemonte, Illinois Tornadoes in 1976

These tornadoes were both very powerful and destructive, and the Jordan, Iowa tornado was category 5. It was a tornado studied by Dr. Fujita himself. The F5 had destroyed every building in the town, but there were no casualties.

Iowa 2008 Tornado

EF5 Tornado in Parkersburg, Iowa May 2008

Strong supercell developed in northeast Iowa, west of Waterloo in the late afternoon of May 25, 2008. The first tornado warning of the cell was issued at 4:22 pm for the Parkersburg area, The first tornado from this cell was reported near Aplington in Butler County at 4:48 pm. It then tracked toward Parkersburg, slamming […]