Illinois 1990 Tornado

Plainfield Illinois is Destroyed by an F5 Tornado on August 28, 1990

The supercell storm that spawned this F5 started in Wisconsin and eventually moved into Illinois. This tornado had hit Plainfield with little to no warnings, and first smashed into the high school which still had students practicing and extracurricular clubs were attending. The cyclone killed three people at the high school including a science teacher […]

Kansas 1991 Tornado

F5 Tornado in Andover Kansas on April 26, 1991

This F5 Tornado is a very notorious and highly studied specimen. The Andover Tornado’s first hit was the McConnel Air Force Base in Kansas. When it hit the base it had wind speeds of an F2 or F3 classification, and still caused 62 million dollars in damage. Luckily they had sufficient warnings and nobody was […]

Minnesota 1992 Tornado

Chandler, Minnesota Tornado in 1992

This tornado was a part of the third largest outbreak of tornadoes to occur in the United States. It topped off at a total of 170 confirmed tornadoes. This tornado was an F5 and ran straight into the residential area of Chandler taking out 75 homes, and damaging 90 houses, 10 businesses, a church and […]

Wisconsin 1996 Tornado

F5 Tornado in Oakfield, Wisconsin on July 18, 1996

This tornado is the only F5 to hit the United States in the year 1996. It started South of Oakfield, Wisconsin and moved directly into town causing approximately 40 million dollars worth of damage. This tornado was reported only 100 yards wide… being one of the skinniest F5’s recorded.

Kansas 2007 Tornado

EF5 Tornado in Greensburg, Kansas on May 4, 2007

This tornado was a category EF5, the highest possible ranking. It destroyed 95% of the community of Greensburg, Kansas. This tornado reached 1.7 miles wide and had wind speeds of over 203 mph. In the end this tornado outbreak killed 20 people.

Iowa 2008 Tornado

EF5 Tornado in Parkersburg, Iowa May 2008

Strong supercell developed in northeast Iowa, west of Waterloo in the late afternoon of May 25, 2008. The first tornado warning of the cell was issued at 4:22 pm for the Parkersburg area, The first tornado from this cell was reported near Aplington in Butler County at 4:48 pm. It then tracked toward Parkersburg, slamming […]

F5 Lawrenceburg Tenneessee April 16 1998

F5 Tornado Lawrenceburg, Tennessee April 16, 1998

This F5 Tornado hit Lawrenceburg, Tennessee on April 16, 1998. This massive Tornado killed 12 people; 2 in Arkansas, 3 in Kentucky, and 7 in Tennessee with this Video claiming 3 of those deaths.

F5 Elie Manitoba Tornado

F5 Tornado in Elie, Manitoba, 2007

This Tornado was recored in Elie, Manitoba, Canada. The Tornado is an F5 Tornado that stuck this town on June 22, 2007. Many houses were leveled, but no one was injured or killed by the Tornado. As of 2007, This twister makes it one of the strongest twisters on record since 1999 and only one […]

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