Oklahoma Tornado 1999

F5 Tornado Hits Oklahoma on May 3, 1999

The 1999 tornado outbreak that occurred on May 3rd in Oklahoma and Kansas, was one of the largest outbreaks to occur in the US history. This storm had a total of 66 confirmed tornadoes that touched down in these states. The cities involved included Moore, Oklahoma City, and Bridge Creek (among others). The damage that […]

Alberta 1987 Tornado

F4 Tornado in Edmonton, Alberta on July 31, 1987

July 31, 1987… a day known as Black Friday to the Edmontonians the day of a tornado. Now, this tornado was Canada’s Second most deadly tornado, killing 27 people. Though, considered an F4 tornado, it is said it may have briefly reached F5 level. Some say… it should be recorded as an F5.

Texas 1995 Tornado

June 8, 1995 an F5 Tornado by Kellerville, Texas

This F5 tornado developes right outside of Kellerville, Texas.  It covered nearly 30 miles of ground and in its course demolished two farms. Luckily, there were no casualties.

Texas 1964 Tornado

F5 Tornado Hits Wichita Falls, Texas on April 3, 1964

This F5 tornado was the 12th tornado to be caught on film. It hit Wichita Falls on April 3rd 1964. This tornado was the strongest one recorded at the time and it resulted in 6 deaths and 50 injuries. Most of which were car-related.

Kansas 1966 Tornado

F5 Tornado in Topeka, Kansas in June, 1966

On the Southwest side of Topeka, Kansas there is a small landmark known as Burnetts Mound which, according to local legend, is supposed to protect the town from tornadoes. Ironically, on June 8, 1966, an F5 tornado passed directly over this mound and headed straight for Topeka. After the monster had passed over the cities […]

Kentucky 1974 Tornado

Tornado Super Outbreak in 1974

The storm that happened in April, 1974 had 148 confirmed tornadoes in one day. It affected 13 states including; Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and New York. This storm had a total of 6 F5 tornadoes. The tornado in this clip is in Louisville, Kentucky. It […]

Iowa 1976 Tornado

Jordan, Iowa and Lemonte, Illinois Tornadoes in 1976

These tornadoes were both very powerful and destructive, and the Jordan, Iowa tornado was category 5. It was a tornado studied by Dr. Fujita himself. The F5 had destroyed every building in the town, but there were no casualties.

Pennsylvania 1985 Tornado

F5 Tornado in Wheatland, Pennsylvania in March 1985

This tornado was among one of the more damaging tornado outbreaks in our history. Out of 43 tornadoes that day, this one was the only F5… It’s also the only F5 to occur in Pennsylvania. It first passed through Newton falls damaging approximately 400 homes, but nobody was severely injured due to storm awareness. After […]

Kansas 1990 Tornado

Supercell Storm Spawns Two F5 Tornadoes in Kansas in 1990

There was a large outbreak of tornados in March 1990 which spawned multiple tornadoes that touched ground including two F5 tornadoes. The first tornado went straight through Hesston, Kansas destroying many homes and businesses but only killing one person. This same family of storms created another F5 Tornado that hit Goessel, Kansas, where more homes […]

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