Texas Tornado 1995

F4 Tornado Hits Pampa, Texas on June 8, 1995

Almost $30 million worth of damage was done to the industrial section of Pampa, Texas on June 8, 1995. After a path of 3 miles and a track almost 200 yards wide, this tornado became the costliest tornado this town has seen. This tornado was rated an F4 on the Fujita scale.

South Dakota 1993 Tornado

Wedge F4 Tornado Appears on June 7, 1993 in South Dakota

A large supercell appeared over the upper midwest on June 7, 1993. This storm produced 41 confirmed tornadoes ranging from F0 – F4. The wedge in this video is an F4 tornado. There were no casualties from this tornado.

Kansas 2004 Tornado

Attica, Kansas Storm Spawns 11 Tornadoes in 2004

It was May 12, 2004 whenever the storm hit. It stretched all across South Central Kansas and 11 confirmed tornadoes were witnessed. The worst of which was an F4 tornado, which was the only tornado to do any lasting damage. This twister took a home completely off its foundation, and filled the basement from refrigerators, […]

Maryland 2002 Tornado

F4 Tornado Hits La Plata, Maryland on April 28, 2002

On Sunday evening, April 28, 2002, an F4 tornado carved a 64 mile path across Maryland. The La Plata, Maryland tornado was a part of a large tornado outbreak that had spawned twisters and cyclones alike across the Mississippi Valley. In Maryland alone, 3 deaths and 122 injuries were a direct result of the storm. […]

Alabama 2000 Tornado

F4 Tornado in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 2000

An F4 Tornado crosses US 82 and heads straight for Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This 2000 tornado was captured by the tower cam live on ABC. The tornado moves through the downtown area of Tuscaloosa, causing massive damage to buildings, and taking 11 lives.

Ohio 2002 Tornado

Van Wert, Ohio Hit by F4 Tornado in 2002

November 10, 2002… a massive storm covered most of the Mid-western United States. It spawned many powerful tornadoes in almost 12 states. The one in this video was an F4 and it hit the town of Van Wert, Ohio. This tornado caused millions of dollars worth of damage, and took 4 lives. As seen from […]

South Dakota 2003 Tornado

Tornado Tuesday

“Tornado Tuesday” was a title given to the June 23, 2003 tornado outbreak in South Dakota. The largest tornado recorded was an F4 tornado which hit Manchester and heavily damaged many structures. Luckily nobody was killed but four people were injured in this tornado.

Alberta 1987 Tornado

F4 Tornado in Edmonton, Alberta on July 31, 1987

July 31, 1987… a day known as Black Friday to the Edmontonians the day of a tornado. Now, this tornado was Canada’s Second most deadly tornado, killing 27 people. Though, considered an F4 tornado, it is said it may have briefly reached F5 level. Some say… it should be recorded as an F5.