Illinois Tornado 1995

F3 Tornado Outside Elkhart, Illinois on May 9, 1995

This is an F3 tornado during a large outbreak of tornadoes all across Iowa and Illinois. There were no fatalities and not much severe damage. There were many storm chasers chasing tornadoes in May 1995.

Colorado Tornado 1996

F3 Tornado Outside of Elba, Colorado on May 30, 1996

This tornado was classified as an F3 tornado on the Fujita Scale, and was spotted outside of Elba, Colorado on May 30, 1996.

New York Tornado 1998

May 31, 1998 an F3 Tornado Hits Stillwater, New York

On May 31, 1998 an F3 tornado ripped through Mechanicville and Stillwater, New York. The old industrial section of Mechanicville was hit the hardest in the late afternoon. An entire neighborhood was destroyed in these storms. This tornado had an estimated wind speed over 200 mph.

Iowa Tornado 1998

F3 Tornado Outside Lone Tree, Iowa on May 15, 1998

This tornadoes path started just outside of Lone Tree, Iowa on May 15, 1998. It quickly grew to the ranks of an F3 tornado, passed Lone Tree, and kept heading Northeast. This tornado didn’t cause any major damage nor did it cause any casualties.

Texas 1972 Tornado

F3 Tornado Howls into Dallas, Texas on April 2, 1957

This F3 tornado was apart of a large storm that covered the States from Texas to Tennessee. The storm had a total of 50 confirmed tornadoes that touched down. Overall 19 people were killed in this storm… ten of those happened in Dallas. Dallas also had roughly 600 homes demolished by the F3’s powerful gusts […]

Kentucky 1996 Tornado

On May 28, 1996 an F3 Tornado hits Mt. Washington, Kentucky

This storm strengthened as it crossed into Bullitt Co. debarking and ripping trees out of the ground. It crossed through the towns Pioneer Village, Hillview, and eventually Mt. Washington. This twister was classified as an F3 tornado on the Fujita Scale. The tornado damaged approximately 600 homes including one which was completely leveled.

Nebraska 2000 Tornado

F3 Tornado on May 17, 2000 in Brady, Nebraska

This was an F3 tornado that ran across the Brady, Maxwell area in 2000. This tornado was unique because it ran Northwest, while most tornadoes ran in a more eastern direction. This particular storm generated 27 other tornadoes this night.

Tornado vs. Train

Train Vs. F3 Tornado in Chicago 2008

This Video was captured in Boone and McHenry County in Chicago, Illinois. In this video, A camera is on the front train and captures all the action as the train is destroyed by a F3 Tornado. Check it out!