Spain 1994 Tornado

F2 Tornado Hits Spain

A tornado hit l’Espluga de Francoli, Spain on August 31, 1994. This tornado was categorized as an F2 tornado on the Fujita scale.

Ash Valley 1974 Tornado

Ash Valley Tornado on August 30, 1974

This tornado happened among 10 or 15 other smaller twisters in 1974. This tornado is only an F2.

Ontario 2009 Tornado

F2 Tornado hits Vaughan, Ontario During the August 20, 2009 Canadian Tornado Outbreak

During this storm there were 18 confirmed tornadoes that touched down in Canada. One of which went through the city of Vaughan, Ontario, putting the town into a state of emergency as the tornado throws houses and cars to the side as it rips through neighborhoods. Now i couldn’t help but include this video, and […]

Minnesota 1999 Tornado

F2 Tornado in Wilkin, Minnesota 1999

This is a great up close shot of a tornado. Though this thing is only an F2, you will see in the video it still has the capabilities to tear through a house. The wind in this tornado reaches speeds of up to 157 mph. Check it out.

Michigan 1986 Tornado

Fridley, Minnesota Tornado Strikes Nature Preserve in 1986

On the ground for around 16 minutes, and had an F1-F2 rating. The KARE11 TV station made weather history when helicopter pilot Max Messmer was flying out to cover an unrelated story and noticed a funnel cloud forming over the Springbrook Nature Center in Fridley. Photojournalist Tom Empey was on board the chopper and shot […]

F2 Montana Tornado 2010

F2 Tornado Rips off Arena Roof in Billings Montana 2010

On July 20, 2010, A Tornado stuck the town of Billings, Montana ripping the roof off a Sports Arena (MetraPark) causing the town of¬†Billings to Declares State of Emergency after the¬†Tornado Caused Millions of Dollars in Damage. The Twister hovered for about 15 minutes over the arena touching down then sucking everything up then touching […]