Missouri Tornado 2007

EF2 Tornado Near Paris, Missouri on October 17, 2007

This tornado initially landed a few miles outside of Paris, Missouri. It threw a mobile home a third of a mile away. This tornado was classified as a high end EF2 tornado, and had a damage path 4 miles long. There were two casualties from this tornado.

Nebraska 2007 Tornado

March 28, 2007 Storm Spawns over 80 Tornadoes

A slow-moving system developed across the High Plains on the dry line on March 28. There were over 80 tornadoes were reported in the region, everywhere from Nebraska to Texas, with several destructive and large tornadoes taking place in numerous communities across the region. Many other severe weather reports came in, including hail as large […]

Kansas 2007 Tornado

EF5 Tornado in Greensburg, Kansas on May 4, 2007

This tornado was a category EF5, the highest possible ranking. It destroyed 95% of the community of Greensburg, Kansas. This tornado reached 1.7 miles wide and had wind speeds of over 203 mph. In the end this tornado outbreak killed 20 people.