Burning Man 2006

Burning Man Dust Devil

The dust devil that occurred during The Burning Man, in Black Rock City, Nevada, was a rather large one. In this video you get to see the dust devil from the inside out. The girl with the videotape just walks into it, great footage.

South Dakota 2006 Tornado

Tornadoes in Beadle County, South Dakota on August 26, 2006

Throughout the South Central regions of South Dakota a storm erupted on August 26, 2006. The severity of the storm focused on Beadle County where three confirmed tornadoes touched ground. Two of these tornadoes did considerable damage to local farmsteads, crops, and power lines.

Elba's Island 2006 Tornado

The Perfect Storm

These twin tornadoes formed outside of Elba’s Island, Italy on August 6, 2006. Excellent Footage.