Kansas Tornado 2003

Tornado Forms in Lawrence, Kansas on May 8, 2003

Tornado forms directly in front of the camera in May 2003. Its not a very long-lived tornado but it still threw some stuff around, and scared a few people.

South Dakota 2003 Tornado

Tornado Tuesday

“Tornado Tuesday” was a title given to the June 23, 2003 tornado outbreak in South Dakota. The largest tornado recorded was an F4 tornado which hit Manchester and heavily damaged many structures. Luckily nobody was killed but four people were injured in this tornado.

Texas 2003 Tornado

Multi-Vortex Monster Outside Stratford, Texas on May 15, 2003

This is a video of a tornado in Texas 2003. In the beginning you can see multiple tornadoes. This tornado is massive but luckily minds its own business and stays out of any towns or farms.