Kansas Tornado 1999

Tornado Outside Sitka, Kansas on March 31, 1999

This tornado is a very picturesque tornado, and seemed to keep out of any towns. Though it looks like it could do some damage, it was an individual and stuck to tearing up trees and destroying ground in a field outside of Sitka, Kansas. Which is just perfect for storm chasers.

Utah Tornado 1999

Salt Lake City, Utah is Hit by F2 Tornado on August 11, 1999

This tornado was only the second tornado to hit Utah that resulted in a fatality. And causing almost $170 million dollars, this tornado did damage to some major buildings such as the Delta Center, and the Wyndham Hotel. This twister remains one of the more notable tornadoes to hit the western plains of the United […]

Oklahoma Tornado 1999

F5 Tornado Hits Oklahoma on May 3, 1999

The 1999 tornado outbreak that occurred on May 3rd in Oklahoma and Kansas, was one of the largest outbreaks to occur in the US history. This storm had a total of 66 confirmed tornadoes that touched down in these states. The cities involved included Moore, Oklahoma City, and Bridge Creek (among others). The damage that […]

Minnesota 1999 Tornado

F2 Tornado in Wilkin, Minnesota 1999

This is a great up close shot of a tornado. Though this thing is only an F2, you will see in the video it still has the capabilities to tear through a house. The wind in this tornado reaches speeds of up to 157 mph. Check it out.