Ohio Tornado 1998

Waterspout Hits Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio on June 30, 1998

The waterspout formed over Lake Eerie, and headed towards Cedar Point Amusement Park. The sight of the funnel cloud caused everyone at the park to panic, including the unprepared employees. Luckily out of three funnel clouds, none of them hit the park.

New York Tornado 1998

May 31, 1998 an F3 Tornado Hits Stillwater, New York

On May 31, 1998 an F3 tornado ripped through Mechanicville and Stillwater, New York. The old industrial section of Mechanicville was hit the hardest in the late afternoon. An entire neighborhood was destroyed in these storms. This tornado had an estimated wind speed over 200 mph.

Iowa Tornado 1998

F3 Tornado Outside Lone Tree, Iowa on May 15, 1998

This tornadoes path started just outside of Lone Tree, Iowa on May 15, 1998. It quickly grew to the ranks of an F3 tornado, passed Lone Tree, and kept heading Northeast. This tornado didn’t cause any major damage nor did it cause any casualties.

F5 Lawrenceburg Tenneessee April 16 1998

F5 Tornado Lawrenceburg, Tennessee April 16, 1998

This F5 Tornado hit Lawrenceburg, Tennessee on April 16, 1998. This massive Tornado killed 12 people; 2 in Arkansas, 3 in Kentucky, and 7 in Tennessee with this Video claiming 3 of those deaths.