South Carolina 1990 Tornado

Spartanburg, South Carolina 1990 Multi-Vortex Tornado

This tornado was classified as an F1 on the Fujita scale. The twister was a multi-vortex though it caused minimal damage. Regardless, there were still 4 injuries from this tornado.

Ohio 1990 Tornado

Massive Tornado Outbreak in 1990

On June 2, 1990 a storm stretched over Indiana and Illinois spawning almost 90 tornadoes. The tornado in this video started in Petersburg, Indiana, but still caused minimal damage. There were a total of 9 deaths after these storms passed.

Kansas 1990 Tornado

Supercell Storm Spawns Two F5 Tornadoes in Kansas in 1990

There was a large outbreak of tornados in March 1990 which spawned multiple tornadoes that touched ground including two F5 tornadoes. The first tornado went straight through Hesston, Kansas destroying many homes and businesses but only killing one person. This same family of storms created another F5 Tornado that hit Goessel, Kansas, where more homes […]

Illinois 1990 Tornado

Plainfield Illinois is Destroyed by an F5 Tornado on August 28, 1990

The supercell storm that spawned this F5 started in Wisconsin and eventually moved into Illinois. This tornado had hit Plainfield with little to no warnings, and first smashed into the high school which still had students practicing and extracurricular clubs were attending. The cyclone killed three people at the high school including a science teacher […]