Plainfield Illinois is Destroyed by an F5 Tornado on August 28, 1990

The supercell storm that spawned this F5 started in Wisconsin and eventually moved into Illinois. This tornado had hit Plainfield with little to no warnings, and first smashed into the high school which still had students practicing and extracurricular clubs were attending. The cyclone killed three people at the high school including a science teacher and two maintenance workers.

The kids all took shelter in one hallway in the school, and coincidentally after the tornado had passed that was the only hallway left standing in the building. After the category 5 monster had passed the school it continued to take out the school administration building, 55 homes, a strip mall, a grocery store, and proceeded to tear up the cemetery.

The tornado continued onto the elementary school in Plainfield. and finally moved on to Crest Hill, where it continued its ravenous path of destruction. A total of 29 people were killed due to this monster, and over 300 were injured.

Illinois 1990 Tornado


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