Fargo F5 Tornado

Massive F5 Fargo, North Dakota June 20, 1957

This was a devastating tornado that occurred early in the morning on June 20. There was a family of tornadoes with one in particular tipping the fujita scales at F5. This tornado had a trek of almost 60 miles and started North Dakota… stopping by Fargo. When the tornado went through Fargo, It ripped more […]

Tornado Race

Race as a tornado of your choice around a variety of tracks! You can use special weapons  based on the twister you  chose and can choose either quick race or go into tournament mode in order to unlock cool stuff!

Huricane Hugo 1989 Footage

Hurricane Hugo Category 5 Hurricane 1989

Hurricane Hugo was a destructive Category 5 Hurricane that struck Guadeloupe, Montserrat,St. Croix, Puerto Rico, Antigua and South Carolina in September of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. This intense hurricane tracked through the Lesser Antilles and to South Carolina as a Category 4 Hurricane, and was the Costliest Hurricane in the Atlantic at the time, but soon the Atlantic faced more Costly Hurricanes.

hurricane ike 2008 texas footage

Hurricane Ike 2008 Texas Category 2 Hurricane

Hurricane Ike, The Third most expensive Hurricane to ever make landfall in the United States, is responsible for 112 Deaths and 23 Missing People Reported in the United States. Hurricane Ike was reported as a tropical storm west of the Cape Verde Islands and then Ike was a Category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 145 mph (230 km/h) and […]

Hurricane Wilma 2005 Florida

Hurricane Wilma in Belle Meade, Florida on October 24, 2005

Check out this Video of the  Hurricane Wilma ripping through Belle Meade, Florida, on October 24, 2005. Hurricane Wilma was the twenty-second storm (including the subtropical storm discovered in reanalysis), thirteenth hurricane, sixth major hurricane, and fourth Category 5 hurricane of the record-breaking2005 season.

F2 Montana Tornado 2010

F2 Tornado Rips off Arena Roof in Billings Montana 2010

On July 20, 2010, A Tornado stuck the town of Billings, Montana ripping the roof off a Sports Arena (MetraPark) causing the town of Billings to Declares State of Emergency after the Tornado Caused Millions of Dollars in Damage. The Twister hovered for about 15 minutes over the arena touching down then sucking everything up then touching […]

F5 Elie Manitoba Tornado

F5 Tornado in Elie, Manitoba, 2007

This Tornado was recored in Elie, Manitoba, Canada. The Tornado is an F5 Tornado that stuck this town on June 22, 2007. Many houses were leveled, but no one was injured or killed by the Tornado. As of 2007, This twister makes it one of the strongest twisters on record since 1999 and only one […]

Tornado vs. Train

Train Vs. F3 Tornado in Chicago 2008

This Video was captured in Boone and McHenry County in Chicago, Illinois. In this video, A camera is on the front train and captures all the action as the train is destroyed by a F3 Tornado. Check it out!

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