Kansas 2009 Tornado

Tornado near Hutchinson, Kansas on March 7, 2009

On March 7 and 8, 2009 there was a tornado outbreak across the midwest. There were 19 confirmed tornadoes, with a range of classifications, the strongest being EF3. The tornado captured here is in Kansas near Hutchinson.

Nebraska 2009 Tornado

EF2 Tornado outside Aurora, Nebraska on June 17, 2009

There was a series of tornadoes outside of Aurora, Nebraska on June 17. One of which was headed straight for the town. There were no casualties but the tornado had ripped off a few roofs and uprooted a few trees. Though it dissipated after 5 miles on the ground.

Ontario 2009 Tornado

F2 Tornado hits Vaughan, Ontario During the August 20, 2009 Canadian Tornado Outbreak

During this storm there were 18 confirmed tornadoes that touched down in Canada. One of which went through the city of Vaughan, Ontario, putting the town into a state of emergency as the tornado throws houses and cars to the side as it rips through neighborhoods. Now i couldn’t help but include this video, and […]

2010 New Years Tornado

New Years Eve 2010 Series of Tornadoes hits Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas

This new year was brought upon with a storm that developed into a series of tornado all over the midwest. There were tornadoes spotted from Goodnight, Texas, to Lakin, Kansas. They had a variety of classifications and most damage was done to non populated areas. Overall there were 4 casualties after the storm.

[Game] Storm Chasers 2

Storm Chasers 2 is a fun little flash game. Your goal is to Race to reach eye of the storm and to not get flipped over by the rough terrain. Goodluck!

[Game] Storm Chasers: The Chase

Storm Chasers: The Chase has to be one of my favorite Tornado Games online. The object of the game is to gather visual data of tornadoes by driving your vehicle into tornadoes with your on board camera probe. This is a must play!

Alberta 1987 Tornado

F4 Tornado in Edmonton, Alberta on July 31, 1987

July 31, 1987… a day known as Black Friday to the Edmontonians the day of a tornado. Now, this tornado was Canada’s Second most deadly tornado, killing 27 people. Though, considered an F4 tornado, it is said it may have briefly reached F5 level. Some say… it should be recorded as an F5.

Texas 1995 Tornado

June 8, 1995 an F5 Tornado by Kellerville, Texas

This F5 tornado developes right outside of Kellerville, Texas.  It covered nearly 30 miles of ground and in its course demolished two farms. Luckily, there were no casualties.

Texas 1964 Tornado

F5 Tornado Hits Wichita Falls, Texas on April 3, 1964

This F5 tornado was the 12th tornado to be caught on film. It hit Wichita Falls on April 3rd 1964. This tornado was the strongest one recorded at the time and it resulted in 6 deaths and 50 injuries. Most of which were car-related.

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