How To Stay Safe When Dealing With A Tornado

Since we offer Tornado Videos and Coverage on these storms we post, we figured it would be good for everyone to know what to do if your ever in come across a situation where your faced with a Tornado. Some of the information we give you might seem “common sense” but we feel that its always good to know what you need to do if your ever put into that special situation when facing a Tornado. Below are videos of information on how to handle yourself in different situations if you ever come across a Tornado.

What Do You Do When Your Driving & You See A Tornado?

This video will explain what exactly a Tornado Watch & Tornado Warning actually mean. They also touch base on what you need to do if your in your house and a Tornado is nearby.

Another interesting video to watch is one where Texas Tech Researchers use a specially built tornado cannon to test building materials to see if they can withstand the force of a deadly tornado in hopes to help builders and home owners to buy the correct materials when building a house.

How to stay safe during a Tornado


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