F5 Tornado in Andover Kansas on April 26, 1991

This F5 Tornado is a very notorious and highly studied specimen. The Andover Tornado’s first hit was the McConnel Air Force Base in Kansas. When it hit the base it had wind speeds of an F2 or F3 classification, and still caused 62 million dollars in damage. Luckily they had sufficient warnings and nobody was killed in this portion of the tornado.

Once the Kansas Killer had reached Andover, it had become a confirmed F5 tornado. It blew into town destroying a trailer park and 13 lives as well. This tornado had traveled 46 miles on the ground, and had left a lasting mark on this Kansas town.

This tornado is mentioned in atleast two documentaries. The first being Enemy Wind, a documentary done by the weather channel. The other was Cyclone, which was produced and distributed by National Geographic.

Kansas 1991 Tornado


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